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Friday, August 16, 2019

Duniavern Summer Lightroom Preset + LUTS

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Tutorial How to get Japan / Korean Summer Look Tone Photography 
(many people call "Pocari" tone) xD

HEY EVERYONE! I made this tutorial because I've been searching  how to edit like Japanese  tone summer photographer and not many result. So after hours of research and tweaking and even looking how the Japanese achieve that colour I finally able to get a good grasp on how Japanese Summer Photography Style work.

So I dedicate to share with you. Step by step i put here, if you are lazy just install the XMP file to your Lightroom or PS and modify the setting :D

Download Preset Klik Pay With Tweet

Ah.. btw i put bonus, Duniavern Summer LUTS for video, still under development but i think its good

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